Meet the Maker: Nature's Basics by Ava

Natures basics by ava is a plant based skin care company with an emphasis on healing skin conditions with natural, plant based ingredients. Our main focus is helping our clients find relief from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, itching and so on. By using all natural ingredients such as oils and butters, we want to show you all that what comes from the ground is the best form of medicine, providing amazing skin healing & nourishing properties. Every item has been self tested on the founder ava's skin, as well as her friends and family. We want you to have a product that will last and save you money, all while improving the appearance and health of your skin and hair.

Ava's life has always consisted of animals, which range from pet fish to her passion, horseback riding.  Animals have always been a major part in her life and we pride ourselves in donating to animal sanctuaries. We use our profits to support two non profit animal sanctuaries.  We also donate gift boxes for auctions held by animal sanctuaries, and set up at sanctuary open houses where we give a portion of the days sales to that sanctuary.



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