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Manifestation Journal
Manifestation Journal
Manifestation Journal
Manifestation Journal
Manifestation Journal
124-Full Bloom Journals

Manifestation Journal

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Are you ready to create your dream life?
Are you looking for support and guidance to bring your manifestation desires into fruition?
This Manifestation Journal is for you.
Whether you are new to manifestation and want guidance on your journey or you are well on your way to manifesting your desires, this journal can support your manifestation process.
The journal was created to guide you through the entire manifestation journey. The journal intends to help you gain clarity around your desires for your life, expand your sense of self worth to match the abundance you are calling into your life, encourage you to take aligned action and inevitably move you closer to your ideal life.
For each day you will find a designated section to write down your:
* Affirming statement to claim what you are calling into your life
* Proof that what you are calling in is possible for you
* Free flow journaling to help you get clarity and inspiration throughout your manifesting journey
There are a list of 25 journaling prompts to help with all aspects of your manifesting journey including:
* Defining your desires
* Believing in your desires
* Taking action towards your desires
* Dealing with setbacks
* Moving towards your desires
Each journal has 100 days to support you along your journey of manifesting all you deserve.
You will also have space to write down your list of manifestation desires and your list of manifestation achievements, big and small.
Multiple colours available: blush pink, mauve, gold, sienna, marine, navy and charcoal. 

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