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Femme Abstract Deck
Femme Abstract Deck
Femme Abstract Deck
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Femme Abstract Deck

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This beautiful handmade 40 card intention deck is filled with intentions or mantras for your day/week/month etc.
Intentions help to direct your mental state towards a commitment, attitude or behaviour that you would like to portray or achieve. I like to use them in my daily meditation practice, before work, a big event or before the new moon every month.

Each deck includes forty 5.5" x 3" cards each with a different intention as well as a handmade cardstock deck holder.

Each deck will differ slightly and comes in a perfect handmade box!

You choose if you would prefer the cards hand-corner rounded or straight edge.

Makes a beautiful gift!

Here is how it works:
Wake up, meditate and take a deep breathe, shuffle the deck and flip a card. The universe always seems to line up exactly what you need and I find these intention cards seem to follow suit. You can take your card with you or repeat the mantra through the day as needed.

I truly hope these cards bring you joy, they remind me to take a deep breathe and stay focused throughout my day xo.

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