Kids Hide & Seek Jar activity
Kids Hide & Seek Jar activity
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Kids Hide & Seek Jar activity

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Rainbow double sided Hide & Seek Jar

The label features an assortment of items that are hidden in the rainbow rice, children have to shake the jar and look for each of the items. 

This is the perfect "contained" version of sensory play rainbow rice activities where you don't have to worry about the potential rainbow rice "explosion" that always seems to follow a fun time of playing with rainbow rice. The containers are glued together so even an especially inquisitive child can't remove the rice and objects to dump them out. 

Great for road trips!

Jars include an assortment of hidden objects that includes smaller harder to find items along with some larger easier to find items to appeal to children of all ages. 

Perfect as a time out activity or calming activity for an active little one. 

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