Multi-Use Cover - Bloom
Multi-Use Cover - Bloom
Hunny Baby

Multi-Use Cover - Bloom

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6 – 1 Multi Use Cover

Car Seat Canopy – Bloom

The Bloom cover is quickly becoming a HnyBaby favorite with Moms and Dad’s. This trendy hand painted floral inspired print is as stunning as it s soft and stretchy.

Designed to fit over any car seat due to its stretchy design, the 6 -1  multi use cover will ensure your baby, newborn and infant are kept clean from weather and outside germs.  Theirs nothing better for mommy than a happy baby and trust us your baby is going to love being covered in our Bloom cover.

Use As:

  1. Car Seat Canopy
  2. High Chair Cover
  3. Stroller Cover
  4. 360 Degree Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding
  5. Infinity Scarf
  6. Playground Swing Cover

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