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Refashioned Scrunchie - Black Chains
Refashioned Scrunchie - Black Chains
Refashioned Scrunchie - Black Chains
Refashioned Scrunchie - Black Chains
Seren + Skye

Refashioned Scrunchie - Black Chains

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Made of recycled fabrics, this refashioned scrunchie will up your hair game while making the earth a little happier and healthier. Using refashioned scrunchies helps to save perfectly good fabrics from ending up in the landfill. I am so proud to be able to redirect this fabric and make something special for you and I. 
The fabrics that I use in my scrunchies come from pre-loved clothing that I have carefully selected, washed and transformed into the classic scrunchie. 
There are multiple sizes to choose from, as I do my best to use all of the fabric that I can. They all stretch about the same (6" in circumference on the inside) but the amount of fabric from the center is different. 
Thin = 1 inch
Reg = 1.5 inches 
Large = 2 inches
Extra Large = 3 inches
You should choose based on how much you like your scrunchie to show when being worn. 
Notes on Material:
The material of this scrunchie is best described as a stretchy cotton. The material has a dusty appearance on camera, however this is just a natural pilling/wear of the fabric and is not dust. It does not present so intensely in person!
Care Details:
I recommend not washing your scrunchies, in order to maintain their shape and style. Some of the fabrics used were from clothing that were dry clean only. Therefore, if requiring cleaning, use a damp cloth to spot clean the areas in question and allow to air dry.

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